Anonymous sent love: what font didju use for the title ? :D

Post title? Violation :D

Anonymous sent love: how do u change the font of the text titlee ? >.<

You remove the Cufon script <3 then change the font of .title :)

Anonymous sent love: lalala?


Anonymous sent love: How can i change the colors of my Description and make it Italic? :)

change the “Font Color” under Appearance Tab. And in your description include this tag, <i>text here</i>, to make the words italic.

simple love theme ;>

recent theme i had. it’s really simple, yet it looks nice :D is it clean? yes, no, probably? but it’s customizable to your liking. the navigation is sliding :) you should know that by my addiction to sliding stuffs. haha ^-^

it would look nicer if you have a long description that is purely text with the usage of bold, italic, underlined, and strike texts ;) tutorial: <b>bold</b>, <i>italic</i>, <u>underlined</u>, <s>strike</s> ;) once again, please do not remove the credit. i only left one link as the credit. don’t touch it please ;(

features are in the about page:

download the code or install it here.